The Bal

The Bal is a strange and interesting mix of old and new. The building is new but the clientele is local. In truth the Bal doesn't look like a pub at all. Huge glass windows, airy spaces and a contemporary design make it more like to a modern arts centre than a pub. However the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly. The building may be new but the Bal Pub is not. The original building was knocked during the Celtic Tiger  years and the current one put in it's place but the name remains and is a shortened form of the original name "Ballinasloe House". The different levels make it ideal for private parties.

The Bal is now a spacious Pub with multiple levels and bars. Like everywhere in Salthill the Summer months are much busier here with tourists stopping in if they here some music coming out the door.

Food is served during the day at pretty good prices so grabbing one of the few seats outside and enjoying your lunch here is a good option if in Salthill.

The Bal
139 Upper Salthill
091 522072

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