Pub Guide Galway

Galway City Pub Guide is the definitive guide to the Pub scene in Galway City. The Pubs in Galway City are themselves one of the City’s greatest attractions. There is somewhere to cater for everyone. Galway is a 7 night a week City, famous for its live music scene and relaxed atmosphere.

The Combination of a vibrant student population,great festivals and lots of visitors combine to give Galway one of the most lively entertainment scenes in the World.

However the pubs are not only about the nightlife as some of them serve terrific food and are warm friendly places to grab a coffee as you wander the historic streets of Galway.

A few important things to know if you are a newcomer to Irish Pubs

Since March 2004 Smoking is prohibited inside all pubs, clubs and restaurants

The legal age to buy alcohol in Ireland is 18. You must be able to prove your age. A passport, National Identity Card, Garda Síochána Age Card (Age Card issued by Irish Police), drivers licence are all acceptable.

Pub Opening Hours are as follows

  • Closing time Sunday-Thursday is 11.30pm with half hour drinking up time.

  • Closing time on Friday and Saturday nights is 12.30am with half hour drinking up

  • Late Bars serve until 2am with half hour drinking up time

Galway is reknowned for the quality of its live music scene with sessions happening daily in many pubs.