History of the Irish Pub

For those interested in the history of the Irish Pub Galway City Pub Guide highly recommends a book by Kevin Martin.
Have ye no homes to go?
A history of the Irish Pub

The pub has been at the centre of Irish life for centuries. It has played many roles: funeral home, restaurant, grocery shop, music venue, job centre and meeting place for everyone from poets to revolutionaries. Often plain and unpretentious, it is a neutral ground, a leveller – a home away from home.

From the feasts of high kings, through the heady gang-ruled pubs of nineteenth-century New York, right up to the gay bars and superpubs of today, this is an entertaining journey through the evolution of the Irish pub. Our ‘locals’ have become a global phenomenon: the export of the Irish pub, its significance to emigrants and its portrayal in cinema, television and literature are engagingly explored. 

The story of the Irish pub is the story of Ireland itself.


The book is written by Kevin Martin who lives in Westport, Co Mayo who has taught English and communication and cultural studies for 25 years.

Available to purchase from Collins press