We will admit straight away to a soft spot for this pub just on its looks and history. Opened in February 2008, E.Brun is a beautiful conversion of an old Post office and onetime tea shop of the same name that was well known throughout Galway City. E.Brun is probably the smallest pub in Galway City but makes up for this with bagloads of character. The nature of the Pub suits the locality which has slowly been regenerated with new restaurants and venues over the last number of years.

E Brun Galway

Great care has been taken in the  conversion of this premises with classy touches such as a stained glass window at the front bearing the Galway crest. Inside although space is tight there is a decent sized bar with plenty of high stools. The premises is especially popular with locals especially patrons of the nearby bookies in for a quick pint. The horse racing link is further enhanced with lots of old photos of the Galway Races on the walls. Occasional music sessions take place at the weeekends if you can squeeze in.

For further info on the post office and the tea room go to Kennys of Galway old Galway Archive

Upper Dominic Street
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