McSwiggans is located in Woodquay, a minute’s walk from Eyre Square. This immaculately decorated premises is undoubtedly one of Galway City’s most beautiful pubs. This place is vast inside with multiple bars and also houses a restaurant on its upper floors. Although Mcswiggans opened in 1986, a pub has operated on these premises since the early 1900s. The building is also located on the site of an Coach Building Forge and evidence of this can be seen on the first floor. The interior is divided into comfortable private seating areas none too far away from a bar. There are lots of interesting artifacts scattered throughout the pub.


McSwiggans is renowned for the quality of its food and they certainly provide plenty of options. They serve food encompassing breakfast, full lunches and bar food from 10.30am until 7pm. It gets really busy between 1 and 2 when it can be hard to find a table. The restaurant upstairs is particularly busy in the evening and is a good place for parties or a romantic evening out.

McSwiggans also provides free wireless internet, sockets to plug in your laptop and serves a range of speciality coffees so is a good place to get some work done. They also have lots of screen for live sporting events including a large screen in the back room.



Mcswiggans Bar and Restaurant
3 Eyre Street,
Wood Quay,