Hole In The Wall

One is Galway City’s most distinctive pubs due to its thatch roof. The Hole in the Wall can trace its history back a few hundred years. The name of the pub itself is an interesting story. Reputedly there was a hole in the back garden of the pub which adjoined to the back of the Garda (police) Station on Eglington Street. Members of the force were known to slip in through the hole to avail of a quick pint without scandalising the public by being seen drinking in their uniforms. The hole and the Garda station are now both gone but the name remains. There is an even older story that says the nane came from a hole in the Medieval City wall which was used for smuggling but again this may  be pure legend.

Hole in the wall

Owned and run by the Fahy family since the 1970's, the name Stephen J Fahy also adorns the pub. A popular student venue in part due to its good value beer. It is also popular for watching sporting events however it’s during The Galway Races that things get crazy here. The owner is a devoted horse racing fan and pictures of present and past greats line the walls. During race week it’s one big party here, both inside and out in the uncovered court yard smoking area.

The interior is rustic looking with flagstone floors and sturdy furniture which suits the thatch roof. At the weekends the crowd is young and rowdy so be prepared for loud music and short skirts.

Hole In The Wall
Eyre Street
+353 91 565593